Service Details

Tissue Manufacturing

For over ten years, Shane Pack has been manufacturing for the local and international markets. With two well-respected facial tissue brands, our production and marketing process is reliable and committed to providing quality manufacturing for companies in the UAE and USA. Our manufacturing factory, located in Dubai is over 60,000 sq. ft. and able to produce for particularly large orders.

Paper Manufacturing

Shane Pack has built a well-established clientele base that stretches beyond the UAE. Our clientele includes large supermarkets, retail outlets, hotels, medical facilities, petrol stations and more. With a design team, we can take your ideas from conception to an eye-catching design and finally through to volume production with packaging that is made to fit your very own brand identity. We provide you with the manufacturing and trading tools that you need, in order to get your products delivered with impeccable timing and quality.

ZAGY Hotel

ZAGY Hotel is your business and leisure hotel. We hold a philosophy at ZAGY Hotel of “Value for Money” which is why we pay close attention to detail and the demands of the discerning trader. Whether business or leisure, ZAGY Hotel will be the home away from home that you need. With close-by attractions, beautiful views and in-house gourmet restaurant, ZAGY Hotel will give you the comfort and service that you need during your stay.

Buying & Leasing

Dubai holds a reputation for being dynamic, business-friendly, successful at executing major projects and for having real estate that continues to become more valuable. Our experience in Dubai has lead us to becoming highly respected industry leaders. Your property will become more valuable as Dubai continues expand and flourish.


If you decide to sell your property, we are here to help. We have years of experience in selling properties all over UAE and USA. With the high demand for valuable property, we know how to take a great estate, determine the value and sell it, getting you the most for your property.


As a property management company with years of experience and knowledge, ZAGY Group can help you with any area of expertise that you need when it comes to managing a property or estate. We know the market and we share our knowledge with you.


The pharmaceutical sector has become one of the most innovative industries. ZAGY Group’s dynamics and business acumen make it one of the leading suppliers of pharmaceutical and biological products. We continue to provide pharmaceutical companies with supplies and products, with reliable delivery time and quality materials.

General Trading

ZAGY Trading has been a cornerstone of the ZAGY Group. The main reason for our success is our appreciation and understanding of market demands and our willingness to adjust accordingly. Our 60,000 sq. ft. warehousing facility gives us the position to offer our clients exemplary service. This also allows us to provide our clients with a unique service of a holding zone prior to the loading of shipments. We can handle your consignment, from procuring, inspection and packing prior to shipment of goods (CIF) to any port of your choice.


ZAGY Group is professional and experienced with international trading. We are recognized in the importation and exportation of spices, specifically cloves. We are a major player in the market and we are well established with links and tie ups in various countries. We are experienced with importation and exportation of commodities like rice, edible oil, jute bags and more. Our team is made up of individuals with experience in international/marine insurance, shipping and logistics.


Cloves are becoming more popular as people discover all of their many benefits. Cloves are used for medicinal purposes like treating aches and pains as well as being used in cooking and in perfumes. ZAGY Group helps to export and distribute cloves from the best places across the globe. Rated the number one cloves distribution company in the world, ZAGY Group guarantees quality and reliability at a price that you will appreciate. Visit for more information.